About Us

We are a diverse all-volunteer coalition of Paso Robles Groundwater Basin users who believe in finding a fair way of sharing the groundwater that belongs to all of us.

We are supported by winery and vineyard owners, olive growers, other agriculturalists and many, many rural residents who overlie the basin.

Our Mission Statement:

PRO Water Equity’s mission is to promote the health, safety, common good and general welfare of the community by advocating for the stabilization and sustainability of the Paso Robles groundwater basin for the benefit of all overliers.


PRO Water Equity Board of Directors:

Sue LuftSue Luft, President
Sue lives in the El Pomar/Almond Drive area east of Templeton, overlying the Creston sub-area of the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin. She and her husband own a ten acre parcel which had a good, high flow rate well when they purchased the property in 2000. Since then, the water level in their well has dropped over 110 feet. Being on the edge of the groundwater basin, a deeper well will mean drilling into fractures in the Monterey Shale with low flow rate, uncertain production, and poorer water quality.

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Sue retired from 23 years of owning an environmental engineering firm to grow wine grapes and enjoy life. Little did she know that her education and experience with water resources would lead to a full-time volunteer effort. Besides serving as Chair of the County Water Resources Advisory Committee, and as an At-Large member of the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin Management Plan Blue Ribbon Steering Committee, Sue was previously co-manager of a small mutual water company. She is active in land conservation; lives in a passive/active straw bale home; and hand-tends their nearly-dry farmed, head-trained zinfandel vineyard. She loves camping, photography, and spending time with her husband and their two German Shepherd Dogs.

Laurie GageLaurie Gage, Vice President
Laurie Gage and her husband Karl live in the Dresser Ranch area of the Huer Huero river valley where they own and operate Full Sail Farm, an equine boarding facility. They purchased the property in 1988 when their nine-year-old well pumped 90 GPM without cease. Now, their well level has dropped 70 feet as of 2007, and requires recharging after 20 minutes of pumping. Neighbors behind them have just drilled a new well, and neighbors across report dropping their pump three times in the last 10 years..

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Laurie and Karl, a finish carpenter and general contractor, moved from the Pacific Palisades where Laurie worked for nine years in the banking and real estate industries. As Director of Human Resources for one of the most successful westside Los Angeles real estate firms, she was responsible for staffing and administrative organization of the sales offices which grew from nine to 30 during her seven-year tenure.

Laurie holds a degree in Biology from U.C.L.A. and in addtion to Full Sail Farm, also operates Full Sail Bookkeeping, a freelance bookkeeping service. Both Karl and Laurie, after 25 years here, feel a deep commitment to the Paso Robles area and enjoy the community they have woven around their lives through activities such as volunteering at the Mid-State Fair since 1997, participating in the local chapter of the California Dressage Society, and the Estrella Warbirds Museum.

CC-Coats-200CC Coats, Secretary
CC and her husband Mark–along with three horses, their dogs and cats–live in the Hog Canyon area North East of Paso Robles. Their property overlies the Estrella sub-area of the Paso Robles Groundwater basin. Since moving from Santa Barbara County and purchasing the property in 1998, there have been many well issues. In 2002 the pump had to be lowered 40 feet, and in 2004 a new well had to be drilled. Then in 2011 the “down hole” pump had to be lowered 60 feet and replaced with a lower output pump due to the loss of water inflow.

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CC is a former Quality Technician/Document Control Administrator for a local aerospace company, and has also been a draftsman. She left the industry to pursue her passion–horses. Being a Certified British Horse Society Instructor she works, trains and shows horses, as well as giving lessons. In addition CC, works part time collecting farm/agriculture data for the USDA.On a daily basis, she sees and hears how small farming operations are being affected dramatically by the water issues in California, especially our local area.

Her own well experiences, her current work, along with her professional background of following proper channels to affect and document changes, allow her a broad perspective concerning the issues that we face.

Jan SealsJan Seals, Treasurer
Jan lives east of Paso Robles in the Geneseo/Union Road area, overlying the Estrella sub-area of the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin. The level of her well has dropped 70 feet in 10 years.

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Jan spent her professional career as a production designer and production manager for design and software companies. In 2002 she and her husband left the rat race for a rural life in Paso. They currently share two acres with two cats and three dogs. A lifelong love of the outdoors keeps Jan hiking, bird watching, gardening, playing golf and bocce, and taking the dogs to the beach. Her volunteering has ranged from Master Gardeners, to therapy dogs, puppy raising for Guide Dogs for the Blind, and now advocating water rights for groundwater overliers.

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