We are a diverse all-volunteer coalition of Paso Robles Groundwater Basin users who believe in finding a fair way of sharing the groundwater that belongs to all of us.

We are supported by winery and vineyard owners, olive growers, other
agriculturalists, and many, many rural residents who overly the basin.

Our Mission Statement:

PRO Water Equity seeks fair and equitable allocation of groundwater for all Paso Robles Groundwater Basin users.

PRO Water Equity Board of Directors:

Sue Luft, President

Sue lives in the El Pomar/Almond Drive area east of Templeton, overlying the Creston sub-area of the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin. She and her husband own a ten-acre parcel that had a good, high flow rate well when they purchased the property in 2000. Since then, the water level in their well has dropped over 110 feet. Being on the edge of the groundwater basin, a deeper well will mean drilling into fractures in the Monterey Shale with a low flow rate, uncertain production, and poorer water quality.