Well Stories

To help document the extent and nature of the problem, we are posting a list of the stories we have received from people who have had problems with their wells in the Paso Robles groundwater basin. If you would like to share your story, please send it to us using our Contact form.

  • Ground Squirrel Hollow area
    From 1997-2008 well level dropped 60 feet. Waiting for a drilling company to check the current static water level.
  • El Pomar / Almond Drive area
    500 foot Ag well has no pump, so has never been used, but has dropped 125 feet in 10 years. Suppose the vineyard across the road has something to do with it?
  • Jardine area
    September 2007 proactively had pump lowered from 250 ′ to 440 ′ after surrounding neighbors ’wells all went dry and had to lower pumps. Cannot go any lower without drilling a new well. If this well runs dry I will join my neighbor and just walk away.
  • El Pomar / Almond Drive area
    420 foot well ran dry mid-June. Family of 4, 1 handicapped child. Turned down by 5 lending institutions for a loan to drill a new well, since without water, the property is below market value and family has no equity as collateral.
  • Hog Canyon area
    Well, the level has dropped 6 feet in one month. This drop coincided with the Ag wells 1 mile away going into service. This vineyard and others are still planting new vines! At this rate, our well has about 1 year left.
  • Baggins Hill Road
    330 foot well ran dry this week.
  • Geneseo Rd. Area
    Well ran dry 2 weeks ago. After almost 30 years, must drill a new well. A neighbor was kind enough to run a hose to us so we can shower.
  • Independence Ranch
    We have already had to drop our well 6 months ago. If it goes dry again we will have to drill a new well to the tune of $ 25,000. We only use it for domestic purposes but were told we can’t even fill our swimming pool. We have Vineyards all around us, in fact, one right next door. Several neighbors have had to dig new wells. Doesn’t anyone think enough is enough? Hoping someone will be able to pass legislation or something to stop the Vineyards from expanding and the existing ones to be allowed to use only a fare share. Wouldn’t even mind meters on wells, including theirs, to monitor it.
  • Creston area
    The customer called wanting a 1,000-gallon tank to put in his truck so he can haul water from his neighbor
  • Garden area
    dropped my pump down to 260 on 9/9/11